Villa Maria Lodge

A spey angler’s paradise

Located on the lower reaches of the world’s greatest sea trout fishery, Villa Maria Lodge is the second of las Carreras family’s world-class fishing lodges on the Rio Grande. The close proximity to the ocean ensures that anglers at Villa Maria will have excellent opportunities for chrome-bright sea trout upwards of 30lbs, and the vast majority of these anadromous browns are aggressive speed demons fresh from the salt that will put your tackle to the test.

Having bigger pools than the lodges farther upstream, Villa Maria is better suited to fisherman who prefer larger water, and is a spey rod aficionado’s dream.

Fishing Program

The fishing schedule typically includes 9 hours of fishing time. The day is comprised of two fishing sessions, one in the morning and another in the evening, separated by a gourmet lunch and siesta during midday which is taken at the scenic lunch cabin overlooking the river. During the height of the austral summer – December and January – it is often possible to fish until nearly midnight, so the afternoon session starts later during these months to take advantage of the “magic hour” at dusk.

It is staffed by an expert team of international and Argentine guides equipped with 4×4 vehicles to get you to the rivers edge and give you all the instruction necessary to tie into these elusive behemoths. Low gradient, relatively shallow, and with a riverbed of fine gravel, the Grande is also extremely easy to wade under most conditions.
Most fishing is accomplished with series of the classic “down and across” swing, the same technique employed on other anadromous species such as Atlantic salmon and Steelhead. 7-9 weight single handed rods or a variety of double handed rods are ideal for this style of fishing. Lines range from full floating to heavy shooting heads, depending on river conditions. The flies used on the Rio Grande are even more varied, and range from small nymphs and dries to giant leeches and tube flies. Villa Maria is a strictly catch and release fishery. Guides are equipped with nets and will assist guests in weighing and releasing fish without damaging them.

Located on the enormous working ranch, estancia Jose Menendez, Villa Maria is designed to offer the discerning angler the utmost in comfort and easy access to the best pools. Guests will stay at a renovated farmhouse that accommodates up to 6 guests, where they will enjoy a large living room area, wood fireplaces and a well stocked bar to welcome you after every fishing session. Phone, internet, laundry and maid services, a fly tying table and fully stocked fly shop are additional amenities available to guests.

Villa Maria offers wonderful cuisine based on local meats, fresh vegetable and delicious deserts. A traditional Asado (BBQ) will be held once during your stay, and you can sample different cuts of meat and wonderful salads. A full cooked breakfast is available, together with fresh fruit, yogurts, home baked breads and jams and a selection of cereals. Villa Maria’s cellars feature a wonderful selection of fine wines from the Luigi Bosca Bodega, which will be served during lunch and dinner. Lunch is typically served at the stylish and comfortable lunch cabin, with is perched directly above the river and provides striking views of the surrounding countryside.


Rates vary from $5,950-$10,950 weekly

What’s Included

Meals and accommodations at the lodge, transfer to/from Rio Grande, alcohol.

What’s Not Included

International and domestic airfare, transfers/food/hotels in Buenos Aires, gratuities, travel insurance.

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