Kooi Noom

World-class sight fishing for trophy rainbows in a private 40.000 acres ranch.

Kooi Noom Lodge

In a far-flung corner of Patagonian wilderness, Faraway Fly Fishing established a completely new fishing experience that is the result of many years of scouting this vast region in search of the next world-class destination. The program combines the comfort of a full service lodge with unbelievable trophy rainbow trout fishing in miles of private streams and lakes – all set in one of Patagonia’s last truly untouched areas.

Kooi Noom proudly greeted its first guests during the 2013/14 fishing season, and its monster rainbows, spectacular scenery, and crystal clear waters quickly cemented its place in the minds of these adventurous anglers as one of the most memorable fishing programs on earth. For many of those who experienced Kooi Noom first hand, it has become a repeat destination for them every year since.

In addition to the fishing, Kooi Noom also boasts a rich cultural history. Not many people know that Tehuelches were the first indigenous communities to live in Patagonia. They were an extremely hardy people who lived in one of the most desolate environments on earth, and you can still find their Stone Age arrowheads, spears, and other tools in the area. In fact, Kooi Noom means “the fish path” in Tehuelche language as a humble tribute to the region’s ancestors. Now you can take a step back in time by walking in their ancient footsteps while battling prehistoric sized fish. What are you waiting for?

In a full fishing week we will be able to reach two lakes and two main rivers, each with miles of untouched water and trophy rainbows that have never seen a fly. These waters produce a huge amount of food for the trout (Hyallela sp., Galaxias Maculatus). Trout that feed on them can grow to incredible sizes, and can be compared with Strobel Lake fish, with the exception that this is an open system of lakes and rivers, and the fish can swim out of the lakes freely to the rivers that we fish (Kooi Noom means in Telhuelche the way of fish).

Kooi Noon waters system is composed by Quiroga Chico Lake that is located on top of the plateau and is connected to the Quiroga Lake by a very steep river. The lower lake receives a main tributary and many smaller creeks, most of which hold good numbers of large rainbow trout. The largest fish encountered last season was an incredible 25 pounds! There is also a smaller lake called Toro that also boasts a very strong population of medium sized rainbows and a cristal clear creek that produces good fish as well.

There are two primarily rivers that we fish, both of which drain the lakes and hold large trout that come from the lakes throughout the season. So we are talking about trophy trout fishing not only in a lake or a river mouth. Much of the stream fishing takes place in intimate pocket water for rainbows that average 3-15 pounds, truly some of the biggest trout in all of Patagonia. Most of these fish have never seen a fly before – streamers, nymphs, and dry flies are all effective.

How To Get There

The lodge is located in Santa Cruz province, a few hours from the tourist town of El Calafate. A number of flights from Buenos Aires service El Calafate everyday. As soon as the group arrives, you will be welcomed by a member of our staff, and after some stretching, will be driven through the scenic Patagonian steppe 4-5 hours to our lodge. Most of the drive is over relatively smooth (by Patagonia standards), paved roads.

Fishing Tackle

Depending on the water, we will use different gear and tactics. To be able to cover all the fishing situations you will need the following items:

  • Single handed eight weight rod.
  • Single handed six weight rod.
  • WF floating line and a multi-tip line.
  • 0x to 4x tippet
  • Flies: – Woolly Buggers #4-8 #, – Zonkers #4 -6, – Stimulators #8-12,- scuds #10-14, – Pheasant Tail #10-14, – Chernobyl Ant #8.
  • Waders, boots, fishing jacket, and layers

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