Fly Fishing Colombia

Fly fishing for Peacock Bass, Sardinata, Pacu, and Payara deep in the Colombian Rainforest.

Fly Fishing in Colombia – Upper Bita River

Welcome to the Eastern Savana of beautiful Colombia, home of the proud Llaneros Cowboys. This biosphere not only boasts many staggeringly beautiful tributaries of the Orinoco River but also plays host to some of the most amazing fauna and flora. However, once again it’s the birdlife that really shines here.

The tributaries in this vicinity were some of the first to obtain full protective status and have had countless programs and studies over the years from local and worldwide authorities keeping this unique biosphere under protection.

With the sports industry doing its part with a strong Catch, Care and Release policy, this has made this area an amazing and diverse fishery, these healthy tributaries and lagoons produce large populations of healthy-sized peacocks

Your Trek

For our guests visiting from the USA, you conveniently have only a two-hour flight from Miami to touch down at El Dorado international airport in Bogotá. For those visiting from other areas of the globe, direct flights are also normally available, but please check with your local providers. Once customs are cleared, you will be met by one of our representatives, and from here moving forward, we have you totally covered. After spending the night in Bogotá, you are returned to El Dorado Airport the following morning for a short domestic flight to Puerto Carreño.

Upon arrival, you will be transported to the lodge where you can take some time to settle in and prepare your fishing gear. Guest are transported in air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles for an approximately two and a half hour journey to the lodge.


Anglers start off with a scrumptious breakfast before setting off to the fishing grounds. Water levels are normally at their lowest during this time of the year (Jan thru March), concentrating the fishing action. This also exposes a wealth of hidden structures prioritized by ambush predators like hungry peacocks. These unique conditions also provide anglers a wonderful opportunity to fish in a multitude of other fertile environments within the river.

(Lagoons at these water levels are often packed full of fish and provide hectic fishing)

Massive peacocks can be found in and around shallow sandbars flushing out cornered baitfish. Anglers need to be at the ready to deliver casts straight into the heart of this action, which is sure to trigger the fish to strike. Fishing the deeper pools of the river presents anglers with ample opportunity to catch the formidable Payara. Accurate casts along the fringe of the overlying vegetation will connect anglers with the powerful Pacu or the feisty Blue Arawana; however, given the outstanding array of species hunting just below the surface, one is never really sure what will be first to the hook.

Middays are spent having refreshments and a packed lunch on a shaded sandbar. Most anglers recharge for the afternoon fishing with a siesta in a hammock.  As the midday sun retreats somewhat and the day cools, anglers get back out on the water and fish till early evening. When the day draws closer to its end, a cold beverage is always within reach as the skipper heads back to the lodge.

Week’s End

Guests are provided with a farewell breakfast and are transported by 4×4 back to Puerto Carreño local airport for their flights back to Bogota, where you will then connect for your international flight back home.

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