Farquhar Atoll

A Dream Trip to the Indian Ocean

450 miles from the nearest populated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Farquhar Atoll may just be the most Faraway Fly Fishing destination of them all. Isolation does have its benefits though. Low fishing pressure and proximity to deep ocean has made flats fishing at Farquhar a bucket list item for any serious saltwater angler. And, all the fish seem to be a little bit bigger!

The Fishing

Farquhar is best known for the diversity of species it offers anglers fortunate enough to visit her shores, so if stalking Bonefish in skinny water, throwing crab flies at the colourful and charismatic tailing Triggerfish or holding your nerve as a large Giant Trevally charges in at your fly interests you, well then Farquhar is certainly the venue for you.

The fishing at Farquhar has over the past few years become synonymous with the term fly fishing paradise and has provided all those fortunate enough to visit her shores the opportunity to fish some of the finest and most productive flats the Indian Ocean has to offer.

These flats consist of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral which make for comfortable wading. Anglers can wade and sight fish to an impressive variety of species which include Bonefish, various Trevally species including trophy sized Giant Trevally, Bumphead Parrotfish, Triggerfish, Milkfish, Barracuda, Indo-Pacific Permit and a host of grouper and snapper species.

Deep water too begins very close to shore and spending some time tussling with some of the monsters which prowl the deep blue is certainly a very exciting and rewarding bonus. Here the most common species encountered are Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, Bohar Snapper and Sailfish.

Guests will have the use of five tender boats (2 guests to a tender). These boats have been specifically designed and fitted to fish both the flats and offshore waters of the Seychelles in comfort and safety. Each boat is skippered by one of the five professional guides, all of whom are qualified skippers and speak English.

Getting There

Guests are requested to fly into Mahe, Seychelles the day before the chartered Beechcraft 1900 takes off for the 1 hour 45 min flight to Farquhar. We ask that you contact us prior to booking international flights as charter times are not fixed each season and are subject to change.

Target Species

Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Indo-Pacific Permit, Triggerfish, Bumphead Parrotfish, Milkfish, Barracuda, Bluefin Trevally, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo etc

Fishing Season

October thru mid December.  February thru early May.


Temperatures range between 30 – 35C (85-90F) with high humidity.

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