The Best GT Fishing on the Planet

Providence is not your usual saltwater fly fishing experience. An 8 hour boat ride away from the nearest “airport”, Providence Atoll offers anglers the chance to explore a pristine fishery only seen by a handful of other people in the world. You will be tackling Giant Trevally, double digit bonefish, Indopacific permit, triggerfish, parrotfish and more, all from your very own ship.

The Fishing

The major attractions are 30 miles of fishable flats, channels, cuts and lagoons that lie between Providence North and Cerf Island. Fishing conditions include sand and turtle grass flats, the surf zone and an enormous lagoon system along with the hundreds of channels and drainage areas.

The variety of terrain along with the diversity of species destroys any potential for boredom during the day. One moment you are on the hunt for the delightfully colorful Triggerfish, which literally shoal in a foot and a half of water, you turn around and a 3+ foot Giant Trevally has confidently snuck up behind you to see whether you’re a potential meal.

With shoals of up to 50 Giant Trevallys rampaging across a turtlegrass edge, Bumphead Parrotfish waving their paddle-sized-tails as they scour the bottom in search of a feed, fields of Yellow Margin and Moustache Triggerfish coming on the slower neap tides, Providence basically has it all. Oh and Bonefish are too. Reel big with most averaging above 5lbs.

Target Species

Giant Trevally, Bonefish, Milkfish, Triggerfish, Indo-Pacific Permit, Bluefin Trevally, Barracuda, Sailfish, Yellowfin & Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Grouper etc


October thru mid-November. March through to the end of April


Temperatures range between 30 – 35C  (85-95F) with high humidity.

Getting there

You fly into the main island of Mahe, Seychelles. From there, you will catch a charter flight onboard a Beechcraft 1900 to Farquhar (1 hour 45 min flight). Your residence for the upcoming week, playfully nicknamed the mothership, will be on anchor waiting for you. The ship will depart for Providence shortly after guests have unpacked and settled in. The crossing to Providence Atoll generally takes 8 hours, done mainly at night.

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