Jurassic Lake Lodge

Prime Water on the World’s Best Rainbow Trout Fishery

Jurassic Lake Lodge is the original world-class Fly fishing operation located in one of the most remote and wild places of Argentine Patagonia. The lodge is strategically located within walking distance of the only significant tributary of Strobel Lake: The Barrancoso River. The crystal clear river together with the lake are undoubtedly the best system in the world for trophy rainbow trout fishing. 

Lago Strobel ( Jurassic Lake)

There is no freshwater system in the world comparable with this lake. Here Rainbows thrive in a perfect habitat where they grow upwards of 20 lbs. in just a few years. But not all the coast of the lake is the same and the lodge has access to the most productive beats on the lake: Mouth Bay, Bahia Grande, Cochinos Bay and Silver Bay.

Barrancoso River

Fishing at Jurassic Lake Lodge is not just lake fishing. Every season large numbers of migrating lake trout run into this unique river, offering all anglers the chance to sight cast for some of the biggest wild rainbows in the world in a crystal clear stream. The lodge holds exclusive access to almost the entire river ( 95 % ), from the headwaters to the inlet at the Strobel Lake. The Barrancoso River is without doubt, one of the most productive freshwater rivers in the world.

Daily Program

All fly fishing is done while wading or standing on the bank. There are typically up to five guides on-site depending on occupancy. Anglers typically fish stations in nearby bays, on the peninsula, near the river’s mouth, and on the lower stretches of the Barrancoso river and cast (often into or across the wind) with floating or intermediate lines. Also, there are several upper river beats that we encourage all anglers to rotate through during the week. There are a wide variety of flies that work well, with woolly buggers, zonkers, egg patterns, and especially assorted nymphs tied on heavy wire hooks being the staples.

Season: November thru April

The early season ( Nov. to Jan ) means massive Rainbows near the mouth and through the lower sections of river. Massive schools patrol the bay waiting for the right moment to run into the river. Catch records during this time of the season are really incredible!

During the late season ( March to late April ), a second run occurs of big trout into the river. Though lower in quantity than the springtime run, the Rainbows are in excellent shape, chrome and acrobatic. Dry flies, sight-casting and the chance of catching a + 20 lb on every cast.


Jurassic Lake is located in the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina. The lake is roughly six to seven hours north of Calafate by vehicle, but only about 380 kilometers (236 miles) away, and one hour southwest of Comodoro Rivadavia by charter flight.

Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive to Buenos Aires in the morning. Transfer to the domestic airport, fly to Comodoro Rivadavia and overnight.
  • Day 2: Take an early charter flight from Comodoro Rivadavia to Jurassic Lake Lodge. Fish upon arrival.
  • Days 3-8: Six full days of fishing!
  • Day 9: Take early charter flight from Jurassic Lake Lodge to Comodoro Rivadavia. Arrive to Comodoro Rivadavia before noon. Return flight to Buenos Aires. Transfer to international airport for late flight home.

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