Turneffe Flats Lodge

A Caribbean Grand Slam from a Private Island

Why Turneffe?

We believe Turneffe Flats Lodge is unique because of its high caliber offering of saltwater species and fishable terrain, fishes productively all year round, hires expert guides, is easily accessed from Belize City, easily accommodates small/large groups, offers luxury amenities and saltwater trophies!

Turneffe Overview

Rising 10,000 feet from the ocean floor to an untouched reef, the prestigious Turneffe Flats Lodge off the coast of Belize offers Fly Fishers the rare daily chance at the salt water Grand Slam. Starting each day from the luxury and seclusion of a private island, there is ample opportunity to sight fish for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon with guides who have been fishing Turneffe waters for their whole lives. A 1.5 hour boat transfer from Belize City, Turneffe is ideal for Saltwater connoisseurs traveling with a spouse, looking for seclusion, luxury and daily shots at the grand slam with a reasonable price point.

The Fishing

Each day starts at the island dock at 8am and finishes between 4-5 pm. Most anglers begin sooner and wade the easily accessible home flat before starting the day with their guide. Unlike other saltwater lodges where you are restricted to fishing style, days at Turneffe are fully customizable. Depending on how you are feeling, anglers can choose from wading for Bones on the flats to exploring mangrove creeks for Tarpon to poling for Permit. Although Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon are the most popular and common quarry, you will have shots for other species like Snook, Barracuda, Triggerfish and Jacks of all types. Each day depends on the goals or preferences of the angler.

The Turneffe Atoll will be your playground. At 27 miles long and 10 miles wide, you will explore a network of highly productive flats, creeks, sea grass beds and lagoons dotted by more than 150 mangrove islands and higher cayes with savanna and littoral forests. You will have access to the entire atoll through the lodge’s tiller-steered 16′ Dolphin Super skiffs that were custom built in the U.S.

Bonefish are present in equal numbers throughout the year. These fish average 3-5 pounds with some 8-12 pound fish. The ocean-side flats are some of the most picturesque, wadable flats anywhere in the world, containing large schools of bonefish as well as smaller schools and singles.

Permit are the primary objective of many anglers at Turneffe Flats. On the bars and flats within the Turneffe system, you can expect plenty of shots at permit averaging 10-20 pounds. You can also expect to see some 30-40 pound permit. Permit fishing at Turneffe is primarily done from the bow of one of our Super skiffs, although there are some wading opportunities for permit.

Tarpon inhabit the creeks, channels and lagoons of the Atoll. Most tarpon jumped are 60-90 lbs., with some fish to 150 lb. Most Tarpon fishing is to rolling fish with limited sight fishing. Tarpon fishing is seasonal, as tarpon are migratory. Tarpon numbers begin to increase in April or May and drop off in September or October with peak tarpon months being June, July, and August. There are a few “resident” tarpon around Turneffe throughout the year.

Other Activities

Turneffe Flats is ideal for spouses or party members that have other interests as well! Originally created as a Fly Fishing lodge, Turneffe has since added a renowned diving and atoll adventure program. If spending the day exploring the Blue Hole or island hopping seems like too much activity, the infitinity pool, private beach, sea kayaks and full bar offer alternative daily activities.


Owners Craig and Karen Hayes recongize the importance of sustaining and preserving the atoll. To prevent destructive and unsustainable practices, they have created the Turneffe Atoll Trust to ensure that the environmental laws of Belize are enforced and that the principles of the recently established Marine Reserve are upheld. Along with their foundation, 1% of all profits are given to environmental causes.

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