Estancia Maria Behety

The Finest Sea Trout River in the World

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Why Fly Fish the Rio Grande?

70,000+ reasons. Due to the huge numbers of fish in the river, every cast into the Rio Grande might attract a strike from what would be the fish of a lifetime anywhere else! According to a University of Montana study, there are around 75,000 adult sea trout in the river. Sometimes there are thousands of sea trout in every pool of Estancia Maria Behety. Watch out for foul hooks!

Why stay at the Estancia Maria Behety?

Located on the famous Rio Grande River surrounded by the rugged splendor of the Tierra del Fuego Peninsula, Estancia Maria Behety should be on every serious fly fisherman’s bucket list. The Estancia Maria Behety offers 2 lodges with a capacity to hold up to a total of 18 rods per day

These lodges have made a name in the industry as one of the most highly regarded Lodges in the world, for good reason. If you are lucky enough to snag a spot at these well-known lodges, chances are you will not leave disappointed.

La villa de Maria Behety – “LA VILLA”

This beautifully restored, historic mansion qualifies as one of the most deluxe fishing lodges in all of South America, strategically located in the lower section of the Rio Grande. Guests enjoy the old-world charm of the century-old family home, sharing the Rio Grande with anglers from Maria Behety Lodge.

The top guides and best sea trout fishing in the world are accentuated by single-occupancy accommodations for each of only six guests, and wonderful food, paired with the finest Argentine varietals selected from a magnificent 9,000-bottle wine cellar. Among other luxury amenities that put this world-class lodge in a class by itself.

The Lodge “EMB LODGE”

This modern, cozy lodge overlooks the river nearly 30 kilometers upstream from the entrance to the Estancia. The mid-estancia location positions the angling guests within quick and easy striking distance of the very best pools of the Rio Grande. Fishermen have easy access to more than thirty miles of river frontage and enjoy the finest trophy sea trout fishing on Earth.

The very spacious lodge hosts a maximum of a dozen fly fishermen and was designed with every necessary amenity. Each guest enjoys queen-size beds, a wonderful, open bar, fine food, and a club-like, informal atmosphere. The fish-savvy, English-speaking guides know the river intimately and give new meaning to the term dawn-to-dark work ethic.

The Fishing Program

Each of the angling days is spent fishing in both the morning and evening as the fish are most active during these times. The beats are rotated, and normally anglers will not have to repeat any pools during their stay. Fishermen return to the lodge in the heart of the ranch to enjoy a mid-day meal and have the chance to relax for a few hours. The lodge is only a short distance from the river, no more than half an hour to the most distant beat on the huge ranch.

Two anglers generally share a guide and vehicle and spend their days assigned to beats that usually consist of two to four huge river pools. There are 102 pools and nearly 40 beats on the huge Estancia Maria Behety and only 18 licensed anglers are allowed on the property at any one time.

At the conclusion of the angling day, fishermen return to the lodge for a hot shower, cocktails from the fully stocked bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a wonderful Argentine meal accented by fine Argentine wines and desserts that will add a marvelous finishing touch to each day.

Techniques and Gear

Tackle and techniques on the Rio Grande are not very complicated. Anglers choose from a broad range of lines, tips, and terminal tackle according to the water conditions. Experienced steelhead and Atlantic Salmon fishermen immediately feel “in their element.” Quartering downstream with streamers or dead drifting nymphs are the most common methods used and skated dry flies are terrific when the conditions are right.

The Rio Grande is one of the easiest streams to wade in the Americas. The river is seldom more than thigh deep and can be easily crossed between pools. There’s no moss on a bottom made of nothing but perfect spawning habitat ranging in size from pea gravel to golf ball-sized rocks. Leave your studded boots at home because there isn’t a rock big enough on the Rio Grande to trip over.


Late December to Early April

Sample Itinerary

      • Saturday – Arrival to Rio Grande or Ushuaia airports from Buenos Aires, transfer to Estancia Maria Behety Lodge or La Villa Lodge
      • Sunday thru Friday – 6 days of guided fishing on the Rio Grande!
      • Saturday – The Estancia Maria Behety will provide auto transfer to the Ushuaia or Rio Grande airports.