World’s End Lodge

Trophy sea trout fishing in an intimate setting (and no wind!)

World’s End Lodge

World’s End Lodge is located in the southern archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, and is ideally situated on one of the most unique fisheries in all of South America, the Rios Irigoyen and Malenguena.

Harboring many trophy Sea Trout over 20 lbs, these previously unexplored rivers are only recently beginning to demonstrate their huge potential and draw international attention. And this is to say nothing of what truly sets World’s End Lodge apart from other sea trout destinations in the region – the incredible environment through which these rivers flow. Unlike the other sea trout rivers to the north, which course through a parched, windswept prairie, the intimate Irigoyen quietly meanders through exotic moorland and austral forests of eerie lenga and ñire beech trees teeming with wildlife. World’s End Rivers Lodge has over 25 river miles of private access to this utterly unique setting (including spectacular scenery of the adjacent coastline), and fishing for oversized trout in these inimitable streams is an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind in the entire world.

Fishing Program

Transportation between pools and the lodge is conducted on top of burly ARGO 6×6 ATVs. The rivers are easily wadeable, and most fishing is conducted with multi-tip lines and 7/8 weight single-handed rods or small Spey rods. Due to the small size of these rivers, the fishing at times can be somewhat technical, requiring small nymphs and long leaders. Catching a brown trout over 20lbs on a #12 nymph is without question an angling achievement of a lifetime. As an added bonus, fly fishing for hard-fighting Robalo up to 20lbs (a South Atlantic cousin of the common Snook), in the mouth where the Irigoyen meets the ocean is superb (Dec – mid-Feb). These rivers also hold robust populations of resident brown trout, and some other nearby streams hold resident brook trout as well.

Located in an area that is commonly referred to as the “uttermost part on earth”, the climate is highly unpredictable so anglers should come prepared with high-quality waders, raingear, and several layers of warm clothing. Fortunately, World End’s unique location within a forested area means that the notorious winds which plague other sea trout rivers such as the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos to the north aren’t nearly as prevalent here, which helps both with casting and the wind-chill factor.

The typical daily program:

8:00 AM Breakfast.
9:00 AM Depart for the river
1:00 PM Back to the cabins for lunch and siesta.
4:00 – 5:00 PM Return to the river to fish till dusk.
Fishing times will change slightly depending on the time of the year, though one can expect at least 8 hours of fishing per day regardless of the time of year.

The weather in summer is generally quite friendly, most of the time 10°- 20°C. Due to its closeness to the marine environment, we might have occasional rain or fog.

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