Atlantic Salmon-Midfjardara River


Reports and photos keep coming from all over the world, this time it is from Alejandro Martello -one of the best Sea trout and Atlantic salmon guides that we know and a superb photographer- who has been guiding in Iceland for a few years already, on a incredible and unique Atlantic salmon river, the crystal clear water Midfjardara. If you’re sometime soon to be fishing the Midfjardara, you may benefit from knowing the best transport to negotiate the tough Icelandic terrains, have a read of an article such as this found on Cars Iceland for frequently asked questions on the best vehicles for traveling in Iceland.

About two weeks ago I was chatting with Alejandro, he told me that the fishing was excellent at that time, fish were coming in big numbers and some of them were over 20 pounds. Over TWO THOUSAND fish has been landed so far and more fresh fish is coming into the river, which is even better. The biggest fish landed so far was 107 cm long, approx 26 pounds or more. Rabbi, the owner of the operation, has put a lot of effort to begin with the catch and release policy, thanks to this, he is very optimistic on having strong runs of multi winter fish (2+ year old fish) on the following seasons.

The operation counts with approximately 120 km of river and endless pools, what is really interesting about it is the way to fish it, most of the fishing is done with single-handed rods (#6 – #8 weight rods) using a technique called “rifle hitch”. Years back, this technique was only used by fly fisherman in the pristine water rivers in eastern Canada. Basically the fly drifts on top of the water making a turbulence with the shape of a V, with the purpose of irritate the fish. We can say this is the finest Atlantic salmon fishing and the most exciting too.

The Lodge has been totally renewed for this season, each angler counts with his own single room and a first class cuisine and service.

There’s still some openings in late season on very good rate, please if you have any further question about this fishing operation please don`t hesitate to contact us to

Thanks Alejandro for the stats and amazing photos.