Save $700 Salmon/Steelhead Fly Fishing

Nicolas TrochineCanada, Deals, Salmon, Steelhead

Special Offer at Deep Creek Lodge Those looking to save money and book a last minute salmon fly fishing trip to Canada will have a chance to do so at Deep Creek Lodge in British Columbia. They are reducing rates by 700 USD on all weeklong trips with travel dates in August and September 2017! All 5 species of Pacific …

Santa Cruz Steelhead – Fiesta de la Trucha.


Our friend Rodrigo “El Pela”  from Big Fish Patagonia sent us some images of his receant trip south to Santa Cruz River for Atlantic Steelhead. Regarding to him the conditions of the river where great, the color of the water a bit cloudy but well enough for the fish to see the fly and many fresh fish from receant runs. …

Missing Alaska

BarrettSteelhead, Trout

It is officially winter in the Pacific Northwest. With the return of the neck-bending north wind and never quite finished drizzle, I find myself on the big rivers of Washington State swinging flies for a fish that I believe in as much as my son believes in Santa Claus. Similar to my son’s experience at our local credit union, I …

Northwest Exposure


Last week I had my good friend and incredible photographer, Isaias Miciu, visit me from Argentina. I wanted to show him the best of what the Pacific NW has to offer,  even though December certainly isn’t the best time of year to pursue outdoor activities in this neck of the woods. Luckily Mother Nature was kind to us with the weather, …

Going to the Dark Side


Me on the Clearwater in ID two weekends ago. My dirty confession – I actually liked fishing that way…..  

Steelhead road trip


Shortly after returning from Russia, I made a trip out to the Grande Ronde for several days of steelhead fishing. While there were plenty of fish in the river, waiting in line with 10 other dudes before sunrise for a chance to make a single pass through a run wasn’t exactly my idea of a relaxing time on the river, …