Far End Rivers Sea trout fly fishing

Fresh sea trout from Far End Rivers

Here’s Faraway Fly Fishing client Hugh Chesterton’s 22lb chrome sea trout that he got from Far End Rivers Lodge last week. The shit eating grin says it all! Nice work Hugh

Limay River Fever II

Theres no words to explain how fishing has been this last 45 days on the Limay river, it has shown us that we have one of the best brown trout rivers in Patagonia and maybe one of the best in the world. Water level still above average, but weather has been magnific, very little wind and warm weather.  We have …

Limay river fever!

Unluckily water level has dropped and fishing still pretty good! We haven´t  hooked as many fish as in the very beginning of the season but the biggest fish were caught these last days. Check out these Pics and enjoy!

Silver browns- Limay River in the mix –

Once again the fishing season in Patagonia has started, water level is higher than any past year. Rain, snow and wind has hitted the area for several weeks and it is just starting to clear up. Anyway, we didn´t care about stormy weather,  we really wanted to hit the Limay river to catch some of the most beatiful and strongest …

Big Fish Patagonia video – Fishing Limay Medio

One’s again the “Big Fish team” went for trophy fish, more exactly to catch big brownies to the middle Limay section. The water level was high making the fishing pretty tuff, long distance cast and sinking lines were required but the guys knew how to catch them. Big fish team also supports all efforts to preserve the wild fish and …