Seychelles Last Minute Specials

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The Deals

The last half of 2017 is offering some excellent deals on last minute fly fishing trips to the Indian Ocean. The fall season is short, ranging from October-December. As we approach the dates, there are still spaces that haven’t been filled so lodges are dropping prices thousands of dollars to incentivize opportunistic anglers. We have specials for Farquhar Atoll and Providence Atoll.

Why Fly Fish the Indian Ocean?

Relatively new to the fly fishing scene, the Indian Ocean appeals to adventurous fly fishers that want to explore a little known saltwater frontier while hunting for big, exotic flats species. Examples include the Giant Trevally, abnormally large Bonefish and the Bumphead Parrot fish. Due to the extremely remote locations of these lodges, the fisheries have experienced little to no pressure at all. It is traditionally expensive to access these locations for most fly fisherman resulting in a pristine fishery.

Farquhar Atoll

450 miles from the nearest populated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Farquhar Atoll may just be the most Faraway Fly Fishing destination of them all. Isolation does have its benefits though. Low fishing pressure and proximity to deep ocean has made flats fishing at Farquhar a bucket list item for any serious saltwater angler. And, all the fish seem to be a little bit bigger! To learn more you can explore the Farquhar destination page or contact us.

Providence Atoll

Providence is not your usual saltwater fly fishing experience. An 8 hour boat ride away from the nearest “airport”, Providence Atoll offers anglers the chance to explore a pristine fishery only seen by a handful of other people in the world. You will be tackling Giant Trevally, double digit bonefish, Indopacific permit, triggerfish, parrotfish and more, all from your very own ship. To learn more you can explore the Providence destination page or contact us.

Target Species

Giant trevally, milk fish, bonefish, Indo-Pacific permit, bluefin trevally, golden trevally, emperor fish, sharks, triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish, barracuda, sailfish, Yellowfin tuna, Wahoo and more