Irigoyen fishing report

F I S H I N G     R E P O R T

W E E K 9 – Feb 28st – March 6th

W E A T H E R  C O N D I T I O N S : Good weather and sunny conditions most of the week. We had temperatures between 5º C – 16º C. No wind.

R I V E R  C O N D I T I O N S: Water level was very stable and normal, we didn`t have any big changes during the week. The river was super clear. The water temperature was good, between 8º C to 13º C.

F I S H I N G: The fishing was good, we caught the same quantity that we lost!
The best time was at dusk with mid sized – large streamers. We also caught some very big fish during daylight in random hours with very small nymphs.
The quantities were higher but still could have been better regarding the big amount of fish that we lost.
Floating lines and slow sinking tips were used. Tippets from 15 to 25 pound test !!
Ones again  I am impressed with the power of these fish.
Fish from 6 to 21 pounds were landed.

T O T A L  C A T C H E S : Five rods, fishing 6 days, caught 34 sea trout averaging almost eleven pounds and one of them over 20 pounds. The biggest of the week was a 21 pound hen fish.

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