Monster Trout- Limay River-

I have fished the Limay since child,  it´s a challenging river,  but the rewards are great. I will never forget my first time fishing it, 14 years old,  I was with my brother and a friend in Rincon Chico (first section of the Limay) .  While driving along the river we saw a guy landing a huge fish,  he weighted the fish and the scale marked 13 pounds !!, after releasing it he said – I’ve never expected  such big and hard fighting brown  in this river,  the quality of the fish here is as good as the Sea Runs of Rio Grande even if these are just Freshwater Brown trouts-.

Personally, I love big trouts, each time that I land a trophy fish on the Limay I want another and bigger!! But this time it was different, I didn’t want another …. THAT DAY!! HAHA!!.

Hope you like it!!