Patagonia Trout and Salmon Research

For those of you who are interested in the propagation of salmonids in Patagonia and are of a more scientific bent, you might find these resources quite interesting: GESA, which has a number of cutting-edge studies on andadromous salmonids in Patagonia and of particular interest to me, the steelhead the remote Rio Santa Cruz in southern Patagonia. Amazingly, they are the only significant Atlantic run steelhead in the world.

Also of great interest is a study by the University of Montana on the Ecology of Sea Run Brown Trout in Tierra del Fuego. Our close friend and brilliant scientist, Sarah O’Neal, is mostly responsible for the study.  Although I’m just a lowly layman, I’ve still found both of the above resources immensely fascinating and have gleaned lots of useful information from them. Hopefully you will too. Enjoy