Ponoi Photography Part 3: Autumn


After nearly four months of guiding on the Ponoi, I’m finally back stateside. It is certainly nice to be able to read signs not written in Cyrillic characters and eat food free of dill and cucumbers, but it’s a bittersweet feeling. Looking down onto Ryabaga Camp as the helicopter lifted off for the last time, I already felt a palpable sense of nostalgia setting in. After living and working side by side, day in and day out, with the incredible Ryabaga team, it feels like leaving a close-knit family at the end of the season. Thanks to everyone for making it such an enjoyable season!

And while the autumn brings the fishing season to a close,  it is also one of the most enjoyable and special times of year on the river. No bugs, brilliant fall colors, and fat, aggressive fish. Isaiah has done yet again done a fantastic job capturing the essence of autumn on the Ponoi. Check out his pics: