Sea Run Brown Trout current deals – Rio Grande and Rio Irigoyen.

Alexander Sea trout

October 26th, 2019

As fall descends on those resigned to the northern hemisphere, summer distractions subside and our thoughts turn to the next Fly Fishing adventure on our bucket list. This time around, our next adventure should be more affordable. Fortunately for the opportunistic angler this week, we have some amazing travel deals available to provide an escape to warmer climes and awesome fly fishing over the coming months!

WORLD´S END LODGE– Irigoyen River, Argentina.

The Irigoyen is a small scale fishery of very high quality. The owners permit 4 fishermen a week in a style of management that is distinctly low impact but basically perfect. The sea trout are super beautiful and as enigmatic as they can be. The water is fishable single-handed with biblical levels of river structure and the sessions, even if not productive are all rocking sessions.

The sheer power of a southern hemisphere sea trout moving towards cover, head-shaking and arching its body, with the rod getting lower to almost horizontal and you know the strain will be too much and either the hook will pull, or straighten, is just mindblowing…

The Lodge
A characterful wood-built set of Patagonian buildings with super-soft and luxe bedrooms and living spaces. If you’re out late at night you might come home to an ice-bucket of cold beers or a knockout red wine in front of a wood burner.

Availability and rates
Dec 27- Jan 3, 4 rods.
Jan 17-24, 3 rods.
Jan 24-31, 3 rods.
Jan 31-Feb7, 2 rods.
Feb 14-21, 4 rods.

$6540 $4690 + $250 fishing license


According to a University of Montana study, every year over 50.000 adult sea trout run-up in the river, without any doubt the Rio Grande is the most reliable fishing destination on earth. For these and other reasons, every discerning angler should experience this unparalleled fishery at least once in their life.

This could be your last chance until 2020 season to get prime weeks on the best river for Sea Run Brown Trout in the globe. Check out the latest availability for Kau Tapen and Villa María lodges and contact us for current deals.

Availability and rates
Kau Tapen
January 4-11, 4 rods.
January 11-18, 6 rods.
Jan 25 – Feb 1, 5 rods.
February 1-8, 4 rods.
Feb 29 Mar 7, 5 rods.
Mar 21-28, 4 rods.

Villa María
Mar 6-13, 2 rods.
Mar 20- 27, 5 rods.