St. Brandon’s Last Minute Deals! Save over $3,000

The Deal

The lodge on St. Brandon’s Atoll, located in Mauritius just east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, was not able to fill a 10 day trip October 3 – 10, 2017 and are offering that trip more than $3,000 lower than list price! Sounds like you could use those savings for a round trip airfare, several dinners, island tours or maybe another fishing trip!

Why Fish St. Brandons?

If you are an adventurous angler that prefers a frontier experience and is searching for the best bonefishing on the planet, then this may be the place for you. Bonefish here are plentiful and much bigger than their cousins found throughout the middle Pacific and the Caribbean. Over the past few seasons we have landed Bonefish of up to 87cm fork length and weighing 15lbs.

The Fishing

On arriving at St Brandons no time is wasted as the guides put their vast Indian Ocean experience and planning into practice as you venture out to spend your days exploring the multitude of pure white sand flats and broken coral islands, all of which are infested with large naive Bonefish.This most certainly is be the most spectacular bonefishing you will ever encounter as on most tides anglers can expect to see shoals of these shallow water speedsters as well as enormous singles and doubles.

St Brandons is also the most productive Indo-Pacific Permit fishery any of us have witnessed. When specifically targeting these gloriously finicky fish, guests are afforded multiple shots per day. Over the past seasons our guides have refined their tactics for the Permit of St Brandons and enjoy nothing more than watching their clients lean into sizeable specimens.

The GT fishing can be quite varied. Some days you can see a fair number and at other times none at all. St Brandons isnt a place where you are going to get shots at GTs everyday but it is certainly the place to break the 100 cm mark. The fish are all large and you catch more over a meter than under. We have in fact seen and hooked fish well over the 150cm. Large Bluefin Trevally are also around and we have caught some truly world class specimens. Other notable fish species one can encounter on the flats include Golden, Yellow Dot and Green Spot Trevally.


By far one of the most remote and undisturbed saltwater flats fisheries on the planet, St. Brandon’s Atoll (also known as the Cargados Carajos Shoals) is a small Indian Ocean outcropping comprised of over 50 small islands, numerous coral ridges and vast sand flats divided by three major passes (channels). Situated 268 nautical miles northeast of the main island of Mauritius, this area is rich in fish stocks, flora and fauna.

Getting There

Guests need to fly into the main island of Mauritius the day before the start of the tour and overnight before the transport vessels depart Port Louis for a +/-26 hour motor to Raphael Island, St Brandon’s.

Sample Itinerary

  • October 3. Arrive Mauritius, Overnight
  • October 4. Depart for St. Brandon
  • October 5. Arrive St Brandon’s early in the morning and start fishing. Full day guided fishing.
  • October 6-11. 6 additional full days of guided fishing
  • October 12. Depart St. Brandon for Mauritius.
  • October 13. Arrive Mauritius mid-day. Depart Mauritius late evening.


Temperatures range between 25C – 30C. Wind averages 15 knots.