Atlantics in Patagonia

For sure we are not the only ones trying to catch these amazing fish, Mariano and some friends have been fishing for Landlocked Atlantics recently, check it out!! Thanks for the pics Mariano Ferrara! For more information please drop us a line at

Landlocked Atlantics II

Days after our first trip for Landlocked Atlantics, we decided to go again and try to catch some more out of that pristine river. Unfortunately the weather was awful, fishing was  complicated, wind was very strong and water level was VERY high. Anyhow, we knew that this could happen. Beside bad weather conditions, we tried hard and managed to get …

Landlocked Atlantics

Landlocked Atlantics are very rare in Patagonia, there are very  few lakes and rivers where  fisherman can fish for them. These fish are extremely similar as the sea run Atlantic Salmon, but normally in smaller sizes. As you know season has already started in Patagonia. Fish has not seen any flies yet and is a good chance for us to …

Limay medio – last trip of the seasson-

Without any doubt Limay medio river is a great destiny for migratory brown trout. The season already close on the upper Limay river where we usually fish for this monsters, now the target was the Limay medio, which holds good number of large migratory brown trout. Fishing in this part of the Limay depends on the water level of the river, as …

Last day on Limay River

Here’s some pics from my last day on the Limay last month. Thanks to Nico, Alex, Mariano and Rodrigo for making it a great one. I can’t think of anywhere in the world that has such quality, trophy-trout fishing so close to a metropolitan center. If only we could be so lucky here in the lower 48.