Tsimane Lodge fishing report – week six deep in the Amazon.

Alexander Bolivia

We just received the last fishing report from our friends of Tsimane Lodge, the best fly fishing destination for Golden Dorado. If you want to hear more about it get in touch with us! Info@farawayflyfishing.com


Four Argentinian clients experienced their first trip with us this week at Pluma. The week began with massive rains and cold weather that meant slow fishing for the first couple of days. As the water dropped, we started to see the normal feeding frenzies and more active fish. 
We landed six fish over 20 lbs. in the main Pluma, and several 15-lb. fish in the Sécure. The upper sections provided us many opportunities for sight fishing, and guest Jose landed his biggest fish in Itirizama on the last day.


The past week brought all sorts of weather and fishing conditions to Agua Negra. After two days with a big rain and high water in all our rivers the fishing turned on, and the Agua Negra was full of fish, with the colored water making our chances much better.
During the first few days, we landed a very good number of big dorado and had many more chances for fish. By the end of the week, the water was getting clearer, and the fishing was still very good but a little more technical.
When it was all said and done, we landed more than 20 nice dorado and two pacú. The biggest fish of the week was a 22-lb. dorado caught on the lower Agua Negra.


The sixth week of the season brought heavy rains to Sécure for the first three days, causing the river to rise significantly and bringing dirty water conditions. Both air temperature and water temperature remained low.
Our three Mexican guests fished the normal beats up and downstream and despite the challenging conditions, all three of the landed golden dorado ranging from 14 to 16 lbs. Pacú fishing was not available due to the cold water conditions.