Volcanic Survivors II

Almost five weeks passed after the beginning of the season and besides the volcano eruption fishing conditions are great, lakes and rivers remain with high and clear water. It seems that rainbows are already returned from the spawning and getting stronger and silver again. On the other hand, migratory brown are fat, silver and already entering into Limay river . We have been going to the Limay quite often, most of the days have been windy making fishing a bit difficult but that has not been an excuse for not catching fish.

We haven´t been in the Rio Manso system yet ( Manso River, Fonk, hess and Mascardi Lakes),  but we have heard it´s giving great rewards, as usual by this time of the season.

If you are interested to fish the Limay river with us, we use Bariloche city as a base, the airport is being remodeled that is why flights from BA are only available to Neuquen or Esquel city, both around 300 to 400 km away, the rest of the trip has to be by ground (airlines include ground transfer to Bariloche which takes around 3 to 4 hours). Let us know at Info@farawayflyfishing.com and we can organize it together.

Check out the latest catches, hope you like them…