World’s end Lodge – Giant Sea-run Brown Trout on the Irigoyen River.

Alexander Sea trout

Last cast of the day!

The day was concluding after a full day fishing on the lower Irigoyen River without feeling a single touch!!. I knew there were lots of fish in the river because we had excellent fishing the day before when we had ten Sea Trouts !!!. I was fishing Campo Chico Pool while the sun was setting. There was a small stick in the tail out of the pool which I tried to get close with the drift. I failed several times until on cast was just an inch from the stick, right when the fly hit the water, this huge Sea-trout took the fly !! After a tremendous fight with the fish, I got to see this bar of silver getting near the shore, and I landed it as I could. The fish measured ninety-five centimeters and I was shocked!!

Few rivers in the world hold these massive Sea Trout, and I was lucky to see one!. Thank you Irigoyen River!!!

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