Just an update. We’ve been in the Amazon rainforest of Bolivia a few weeks ago, scouting and checking the fishing conditions before our first season starts up in August.

The Secure River is a pristine clear water stream, where the freshwater dorado lives in the Amazon basin. It’s a unique blend of this extremely powerful species and Amazon species like the Yatorana (one of the strongest freshwater fishes in South America) and the Pirapitinga (a pacu specie). Both of these are fished sight casting and run like torpedoes.
On this trip it was the first time that our team had entered and scouted the Agua Negra stream (means black water), a small tributary of the headwaters of Secure River. It’s a small stream, with incredible clear water that flows from Andes Mountains. The more upstream we went the more run-pool pocket system the stream was. Then we finally understood the reason for the name of this stream. The more we reached the upper parts with the Indian canoes; huge schools of sabalos (a common baitfish) were running everywhere and turned literally the clear water dark by their sheer numbers.
The place is truly, totally wild… Jaguar, Tapir and small deer’s footprints everywhere announced that there aren’t alone. Pure Jungle.
The Pirapitinga is one the biggest challenges on these waters. They are very spooky, and we stalk carefully to spot fish on pools and then sight casting, it’s necessary a very good presentation. When done properly the follow is made with no doubts and the following fight is very exciting. These powerful, round bodied fish with bulldog jaws fight incredibly strongly, and almost always get into your backing with a series of long, determined runs.
Fishing with 6/7 weight rods, sight casting for Pirapitingas with 12-17 pound line and Dorados ranging 8-26 pounds once again prooved that this area is the newest and most exciting door to be opened in fly fishing.  During the expedition we floated the Secure River from the first lodge (in construction) to the Oromomo Indian community. This float trip gave us numerous options and Dorado was present all long the way down in very good average sizes. Casting to the fallen trees and runs provided certain action. Wading and sight casting in crystal clear waters for some of the most sporting freshwater species in the world… what more could you want?

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Thanks to Rodrigo Salles for the photos and the update.