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Wild Atlantic Salmon conservation new film – Once Salmon, Always Salmon?

AlexanderAtlantic Salmon

Hello everybody! if you are as interested in conservation as we are, just take a look at this great work made by Mikael Frodin and Erik Stolt. This documentary gives a glimpse into the ruthless and relentless world of the salmon farming industry and at the same time what drives a salmon fisherman to spend so much time trying to catch Atlantic salmon that have become so scarce and exclusive nowadays!?.

Open-net pen Salmon Farms pose serious threats to wild Pacific and Atlantic salmon species and the whole Marine environment. Right now we stand at a point that we have to decide between Wild and self-sustainable or Artificial and polluting. It sounds easy to choose but the complex world we live in makes it hard for people who don’t rely on evidence. Such a big industry has a lot of resources to confuse the consumers about how safe FARMED SALMON is to consume/how sustainable it’s the industry/what’s the real damage to the marine environments they have done around the world.

One thing for sure, we’ll have to make a change NOW!