Belousiha Fresh Report- Fly Fishing Kola Peninsula

Nicolas TrochineRussia, Salmon

Summer Atlantic Salmon still running in Voronya and Belousiha Rivers!. After a couple of very hot and sunny weeks, anglers managed to land some great fish in these two rivers. Belousiha has been fishing very well on light tackle due to the low water, six weight rods and micro flies have been the best. Most of the catches were fresh grills on the 3 – 8 pounds range and occasionaly 12 + pounds Salmon. Unluckily a couple of days ago due to high water temperature, we decided not to fish Belousiha until drops. For Voronya it’s a different story, water is now 14,5 C which still very good for fishing. Due to the sunny days we had to change our strategy and fish early in the morning until midday, lunch and siesta and then head again to the river at 7 PM when the sun is just setting behing the hills. This gave us very good results, hooking fresh fish every day, mainly in the lower part of the river ( twins island).
Most of the fish we have been catching are grills but we have had some surprises. Like Hugh our guest from England that managed to Land three great Salmon in two sessions 15,18,20 pounds.