Belousiha River

Belousiha River Lodge Fishing report – Kola peninsula Atlantic Salmon

AlexanderAtlantic Salmon, Belousiha River Lodge

Period : 31th of July – 7th of August.

We were glad to meet Katya and Vitaly again, who were fishing with us last year in the same week. This year they just planned to fish for three days. We also welcomed Thomas from the UK, who stayed for the whole week.

Weather Conditions

Before our guests arrived, we were lucky to have good amounts of rain, which is always welcome when levels are normally low by this time of the season, especially the Belousiha . Right when the Anglers arrived the sky opened and pampered us with warm sunny days for all their stay. The wind was nice, blowing in the southern, southeastern directions, and did not prevent casting. Water levels in Belousiha rose to June level and in Voronya, slightly above average.

The water temperature in the rivers was 13 Celcius in Belousiha and 11 Celcius in The Voronya.

The fishing

Fishing was excellent on both rivers. On Belousiha, the Pink Salmon began to shift from the usual Atlantic Salmon spots to the shallow waters, which unequivocally affected the activity of Atlantic salmon. Guests caught Atlantic Salmon mainly in the upper river and most of the fish were caught on surface flies like bombers and hitches. Cascade and Red Francis also worked fished right under the surface. The best fishing on the Belousiha was on the Canyon, Golden Pool, and the Three Steps. Fish were active and going for the flies aggressively so hooking them right was not a problem at all.

Right after the guests caught some nice fish on Belousiha, they decided to go for the trophy fish of the Voronya River. Each of the guests was determined to catch a record salmon and luckily all the right conditions were given. On their first day on this River, Vitaly and Katya lost two excellent fish on the ATR pool. The next day they returned to the same pool, in the morning they got a grilse, but Vitaly was determined to get a bigger one, he went out of the water only for lunch. His persistence led him to fulfill his dream of catching a record salmon, a 32-pound beautiful hen.

Thomas had slower results earlier in the week, but on the fourth day, he broke his record three times in a row, catching 94,97 and 100 cm of fish within two hours. It was an incredible day!!, actually the best fishing in his life.

On the next day, he managed to land a 97 cm beauty. Last day Thomas also spent in the upper Belousiha where caught nice 90 cm salmon on Three Steps and lost a bigger one on Golden Pool.

The week is clearly a success for everyone!!! Salmon were active and rewarded the perseverant fisherman.

Results of the week:

Three fisherman

Caught: 32 Atlantic salmon

Missed: 11 Atlantic salmon

Biggest fish of the week:

90 cm Atlantic salmon, caught by a single hand rod # 8 class on the Bomber fly on the Belousiha River.

105 cm Atlantic salmon caught by a class # 9 doublehand rod on a Vitaly’s Red Frances fly on the Voronya River.

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