Belousiha River - Russia

Belousiha River Lodge Fishing report – Atlantic Salmon fishing in Kola peninsula

AlexanderAtlantic Salmon, Belousiha River Lodge

Week 27

03/07/2021 – 10/07/2021.

Water levels: Normal for this time of the season.

We welcomed our guests from Moscow: Andrey and his father George, who returned to us after three years, Vyachaslav from Ivanovo, and Justin, who flew to us from the UK as soon as it became possible. The weather was not good for fishing, from Sunday to Thursday the sun was beating furiously, the temperature stayed between 19°C and 29°C degrees during the daytime. Fortunately, winds from the south and west with small gusts saved the anglers on these hot days. Belousiha warmed up to 22°C by the middle of the week, by Friday the water temperature dropped to 17°C.

On Voronya until Thursday, the water level was high, the temperature was up to 15°C. The fishermen spent the first part of the week fishing at the Belousiha River. Multi-winter Salmon continues to be mixed with grilse, which all come across with sea lice. The fish are mainly concentrated in the upper part of the river, from the lower pools it is squeezed out by pink salmon, which this year comes in very large numbers, but only a few get to the upper areas – the strong currents of the canyon interferes.

Results of the week

In four days, 17 salmon were landed. Interesting fishing at the Swedish Table, the Golden Pool, Two Stones, and the Canyon. As always, the Top Step does not fail at the beginning of the season. Golden Killer and Cascade worked well on sunny days but the winner was the SunRay Hitch. We spent the last two days on Voronya, as soon as they began to drain less water.

On Thursday, Andrei and Georgy spent the day learning a fly fishing technique – Spey casting. Justin had several takes to Sunray and Francis. On Friday, the situation changed dramatically. During the day, after the dam stopped released water, a large number of salmon rose to the upper bits, the fish were jumping everywhere. Justin caught two excellent 16 and 25 pounds on the Upper Island pool. The fish showed that it has just come from the sea – it made you blind! On the other hand, Andrey landed a pink salmon.

Despite the very hot weather, everyone caught coveted salmon and had some good action. One has been more fortunate than others, but fishing has never been fair game! Justin made a lot of great shots and footage that will be great to see in a few weeks.

Final Numbers:

Three anglers caught 20 Atlantic Salmon and Lost 12 Atlantic salmon.

Record of the week: 83 cm Atlantic salmon caught with class # 6 one-handed with a Hitch SunRay fly on the Belousiha River and a 93 cm Atlantic salmon, two-handed class # 9, with a Hitch SunRay fly on the Voronya River.

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