Big Atlantic Salmon @Belousiha River Lodge

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Wowww!! What a fishing session we had 2 nights ago in Voronya River. After a couple tries in the Upper part without success and only catching kelts, our main target was finding the summer Atlantic Salmon in the Voronya River. For the first time of the season we decided to head to our favorite spot for fresh fish which is Twins run. Flow was good and temp of water a bit too low, considering these factors, we decided to have a go with type 3 sinking heads and heavy flies like the German snaelda. Right after few minutes, Alex had the first connection with a fish and, after a surprisingly short fight, landed a sea liced Atlantic beauty of 92 x 51 cm in great shape. It was first freshy of the season!

This was very encouraging for us and right after photos, Guido run to the water to look for one. While covering a big rock, he hooked what we thought is was a bigger fish, after few minutes anxiety he landed a massive fish of 99 x 54 cm, beating his personal récord!! Followed by some hugs and laughs, back to the water again, adrenaline was in the air. Alex managed to pull another fish that gave a impressive fight taking almost 60 meters of line!! Landing was not easy but luckily achieved! It measured 98 x 53 cm!! Enough for 4 hours of fishing!! Back to Belousiha River Lodge we went to tell everybody the good news!!

Why is the summer run so late we wonder??
Voronya it’s a big river, it averages 70 meters wide and it’s a colder in average than any other in Kola Peninsula. Why? mainly because it’s a tail water, water comes from the dephts of a massive lake. We think this is the reason why the summer Atlantic Salmon run starts late but also it finishes a bit later than usual. For example last year run started the first of july and extended to the second week of August.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens in Belousiha Lodge exclusive waters! There’s a Lot more to come!!

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