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Trip recap + availability and rates for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip to the Amazon.

Brian K., a Faraway Fly Fishing customer, passed along his report of his remarkable week of fishing and adventure in the jungles and rivers of Colombia.

He immediately celebrated the “well-oiled machine” of lodge operations and praised the head guide, Papeto, for going out of his way to make sure he was comfortable and enjoying himself the entire time. This is important because the lodge is a remote, wilderness setting and it is important that guests are well-rested and comfortable so they can focus on the fascinating fly-fishing these remote waters have to offer.

On his first day of fishing, our friend caught a nice peacock bass on the second cast of his trip. Not a bad start at all! That day he went on to catch seventeen peacock bass on the Bita River. Two of them were over ten pounds. He reports that the guide put him in position to catch fish, recommended proper flies and gave instructions that kept him catching fish all day.

Brian loves to fish, but he also appreciates a good meal in the middle of the day. On that first day, they set up for lunch on the beach and our friend described the location and meal as “amazing”. They ate freshly fried fish and rich, sometimes chicken, on the river bank most days. It was greatly appreciated and a vast improvement over some of the other operations he’s fished at where lunch just consists of a cold burrito that is supposed to last a hungry angler the entire day.

On the second day of the trip, they went to the Juriepe River and camped overnight. He caught an interesting mix of species: ten peacock bass, four oscars, four piranhas and a needlefish. On the next day, more peacock bass and lost a monster when his leader broke during the battle. He told us the camp was “awesome” and felt like a wild adventure in the untamed jungle. Even so, the guides made sure everyone was comfortable in that remote setting. They set up mattresses with mosquito nets and served a huge barbeque consisting of roast capybara and piranha soup. 

Colombia - Brian Kopec

On Day Four, they fished the Orinoco River for Payara and Sardinata. Brian hooked both species, but lost the fish when they threw the hook on powerful jumps. It was amazing to have hooked and battled these remarkable fish, but he was a little disappointed by not having landed them.

On the fifth day, they returned to the Bita River with the intention to camp further upstream than they had been previously. Unfortunately, a huge storm came through and they cut the day short. Even so, this was his best day of fishing. The action was non-stop. He caught over thirty peacock bass before lunch, including three big fish: a ten pound, a twelve pound and a huge fifteen pound fish! After enjoying the lodges great lunch, he got back on the water and immediately caught another half dozen, including another big fifteen pound peacock bass. He said it was a day he’d never forget. Because of the storm, they returned to the hotel instead of camping on the river.

On the last day of his trip, they returned to the Bita river for a morning session. Our friend caught seven peacock bass. The guide knew he really wanted to catch a payara before he went home, so in the afternoon they went back to the Orinoco River. They fished hard that afternoon and our friend not only caught his payara, but he also ended up catching four of them! That evening, to celebrate the fantastic week of fishing, Papeto hosted a huge barbeque feast with everyone in camp. It was the perfect way to end such an incredible adventure in such a wonderful, unique location.

In the expeditions that we are leading in 2020, Anglers will spend time exploring jungle rivers, clear flowing tributaries and hidden lagunas. In some cases, fishermen can stand in foot deep, crystal-clear water when casting to giant Peacocks, many over 20lbs. These fish will attack anything in their vicinity with sheer reckless abandon. The action in these shallow waters is chaotic, hence the friendly “hand-to-hand combat” designation we’ve given to some sections of the river. 
The type of water you fish for them is similar in all cases, deep medium -fast water, streamer fishing withbaitfish imitations. Operations in general target mainly Peacock Bass but Other special and abundant species that hunt these waters include Payara, Blue Arowana, Pacu, Payarin, Red & Black Piranha, Agujetos and everyone’s favorite, the powerful and agile Sardinata. 
The lodges and the camp can host a max. of eight anglers each. 

Rates and Availability:

Orinoco Bita Camps     

$3800 per angler

Jan 24th – Feb 1st, 6 rods available

Feb 17th – 24th. 6 rods available

Feb 24th – Mar 2nd 6 rods available

Orinoco Bita Camps: the Fishing area is the same than Orinoco Lodge, but the program has changed its accommodations. Now, instead of staying at the Lodge, anglers will spend the week in two camps, at Bita and Orinoco Rivers.

Llanos Base Lodge     

$3600 per angler

Jan 31st – Feb 8th, 6 rods available

Tuparro Camp              

$4000 per angler

February 18th – 25th, 6 rods available

Tuparro produces really good averages with plenty of 15-18 lbs fish
Our one week record is 60 fish over 18!!!!

Indira River Camp

$5200 per angler

It is the expedition that goes deeper into the Amazon jungle. Besides excellent fishing, you will experience the Amazon Wilderness at its best. Availability upon request.


-7 nights in lodge/camp with 6 days of fishing 
-All meals, accommodation, soft drinks, bottled water, and limited alcohol
-Professional guide, private boat
-Transfer from airport to designated hotel on arrival in Bogota
-Hotel accommodation in Bogota (one night only)
-Transfer from the hotel back to the airport for your connecting flight to your regional airport of destination this also includes the return leg of flights back to Bogota at end of your expedition.-Roundtrips flights to Puerto Carreño
-Transfer from the regional airport to Lodge
-Fishing licenses, conservation fees, and concession fees and all guide fees
-Transfer to the regional airport on Day 8 for flight to Bogota

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