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Colombia Travel Restrictions – updated on July 28th, 2021.



The measures for travelers entering Colombia changed. According to resolution 777 of 2021, issued this June 2 by the Ministry of Health, two requirements will be eliminated for Colombians who return to the country and foreign citizens who travel to our territory.
It will no longer be necessary for travelers to present a negative PCR test upon arrival in the country. This measure began to take effect on June 1, 2021, as confirmed by the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz.

Nor will it be necessary for citizens to download the Coronapp application to enter the airports in cities.

Without these two measures, the requirements then are the following:

1. Passengers must compulsorily fill out the form called by Migración Colombia as Check-Mig . You can do it between 24 hours and an hour before your flight.

This online application, available on the Migration page, is designed to register all the information related to their trip, making the immigration control interview much faster, thus reducing the waiting time in the room and the interaction between the officer and the officer passenger.

To fill in this information, please have your flight number, the name of the airline that transports you, the reason for your trip, your place of accommodation, and information on your health status at hand.

This form, which will be sent to your email when you finish filling it out, can be printed or you can take a screenshot with your cell phone.

2. Have your identification documents at hand for the migration process upon entry (passport or citizenship card).

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Keep in mind that the use of a mask is mandatory at the airport, so you must wear it at all times. Check with your airline which masks are allowed on the flight. For people over 60 years of age or with comorbidities, the Ministry of Health recommends wearing the N95 mask.

According to the resolution, passengers must also try to be silent at the airport and inside the plane.

If you have symptoms on the return flight, you must report them to the cabin crew. Likewise, the health authority establishes that if the traveler presents symptoms during the 14 days after the flight, he must report it to his EPS.

Finally, you must commit to answering calls from the local health authority and the National Tracking Contact Center with real information.

Meanwhile, the international community are required, according to the resolution, to report on their health, origin, and recent contact with suspected or confirmed cases covid-19. Likewise, they must provide their national contact number and address where they will stay in Colombia.