Fly Fishing Patagonia Feb 12-23

After a long 6 month hiatus, I’m finally back in Argentina again. It’s a huge relief to be out of the bitter cold & rain of the Pacific Northwest, and as an added bonus I no longer have to pine for mate, fernet & cheap steak. Oh, and the fishing isn’t too bad either.

Unfortunately my friends Tom and Brandon couldn’t join me due to a terribly untimely illness, so I had to go to the fabulous El Encuentro Lodge in Trevelin without them. Except for one short-lived morning, the weather was rather ugly the entire time, blowing cats & dogs, raining buckets, or both at the same time. But such is life in Patagonia. Despite the adverse conditions we managed to find some fish, and my close friend and intrepid guide, Benjamin Beale, made everyday enjoyable, fish or no fish. Our timing was also quite fortunate, because the morning after we left El Encuentro, this happened a scant 100km from the lodge across the border in Chile:

El Chaiten Eruption

Winds blew the ash across the border, covering the Trevelin area and surrounding rivers with ash and forcing the people at El Encuentro to close the lodge! The volcano has since calmed down again, and I hope that they can recover soon. Small comfort that our time there wasn’t interrupted by volcanic activity:

Next it’s off to Corrientes to fish dorado – stay tuned!