Lake Fonk, remembering old memories.

Nicolas TrochineArgentina, brown trout, Fly fishing, rainbow trout, Trout

Many years passed since we started fishing around Bariloche. We were 14 years old when a very good friend and a guide at that moment, took us fishing to an incredible place called the Lake Fonk. Our friend, Nico Murua, was born in Buenos Aires and after finishing university he thought about moving to Bariloche. Resisting to the idea of staying in Buenos Aires and work inside an office he decided that Bariloche would be his new home, and fly fishing his job and joy. A year went by until I met him, he rented a cabin very close to my home and right after we became really good friends.

Right after that, Nico, Alex and I became fishing addicts! We used to go fishing when ever we had the chance, to different lakes and rivers. That’s how we end up going to this beautiful lake called Fonk, a pretty small lake in the middle of a cold rain forest and inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park. When conditions were suitable for fishing dries, we found Caddis, Mayflies and Dragon imitations very effective, It was the prefect place to catch lots of trout on dries, we really enjoyed it!

After eight years we finally went back, and find the lake exactly the same way, thanks to Carlos (the fishing ranger) that takes care of the place since 1999. We spent two days fishing and enjoying the scenery, it was a blast!. This time we didn’t have the chance to fish with dries due the bad weather, the temperature dropped form 20 C  to almost 1 C, but hey, that’s fishing!

This time Nico Murua couldn’t go but a new fishing buddy join us, Edu. We really had a great time fishing, and eating asado!

Check out some pics of these moments!