Caribbean and South American open destinations

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While some countries still with the borders closed due to the rise of cases of Covid-19 some others are open, the Faraway Fly Fishing team has put an eye on our favorite destinations which are open at the moment in the Caribbean and South America.

Just few hours away from the US and Europe , the caribbean is offering some of the best bonefish, Permit and Tarpon waters around the glove. And a bit further in South America, Colombia and Brasil are still offering some great freshwater experiences.

Mexico – Xflats Chetumal Bay 

In Mexico, XFlats has been receiving lots of Anglers since the relaxation of the restrictions in this country, in Chetumal Bay has been proven as one of the most reliable and consistent permit fisheries and its uniqueness in many ways makes it one of the best places to chase it in the world.

Availability and rates
March 6th-13th
April 10th-17th
April 17th-24th 
All May

USD 3.800 per rod (based on double occupancy).
USD 5.450 per rod (based on single occupancy).

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Colombia Peacock Bass

Further south in Colombia there’s still a chance to go for the best Peacock Bass and Multispecies destination of South America. Our exclusive Colombian destination is one of the best-kept secrets for serious freshwater!  If you like the big fish and wilderness, this is your spot! 

Monster peacocks are not the only adversaries that prowl these primal waters! Anglers should also be prepared to square off with Morocoto, Payara, Bicuda, Black piranha and the feared Pez lobo, as well as a large range of predatory catfish that will readily attack a well-placed fly or lure. 

Availability and rates
Upper Bita Camp
Feb 26th – March 6th
March 6th – 13th

USD 3.800 per rod (based on double occupancy). 

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Brazil Dorado fishing in the heart of El Pantanal

As we all know, Brasil has not been closed since the beginning of the Pandemic. We are recently working with Tres Rios Do Mato Grosso, great accommodations, service and the best Golden Dorado fishing in Brasil.

On these three rivers, anglers will mostly fish rocky structures, slides, sandbanks, and logs jams along the bank, an ideal habitat for the species that we will target. Your main quarry on these rivers will be the explosive Dorado up to about 25 pounds, but most will be 5 to 10 pounds.

Availability and rates
June 13th-20th
June 20th-27th
June 27th – July 4th
July 4th – 11th

USD 3.500 per rod. (based on double occupancy).

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Belize – Turneffe Flats

Right now in Belize, there’s some openings at Turneffe Flats due last minute cancelations:

Availability and rates
February 27th – March 6th
March 6th – 13th

USD 4.690 per rod (based on double occupancy).
USD 6.590 per rod (based on single occupancy).

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