Orinoco and Bita Fishing Program

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Welcome to big country and one seriously massive river, the impressive Orinoco. Boasting the title of fourth largest river in the world, the Orinoco stretches an impressive 2140 km from its source in the Prima mountain range and directly affects a watershed of over 880 000 km2, known as the Orinoquia.

Under the watchful eye of the local Sikuani tribe, the broad Orinoco flows with conviction and is directed by tremendous granite buttresses that are sure to leave you in awe. This deep and powerful river is capable of producing the fish of legend that regularly spool anglers.

Anglers will spend time here exploring clear flowing tributaries and hidden lagunas and can stand in foot deep, crystal-clear water when casting to giant Peacocks, many over 20lbs. These fish will attack anything in their vicinity with sheer reckless abandon. The action in these shallow waters is chaotic, hence the friendly “hand-to-hand combat” designation we’ve given these sections of the river.

The giant peacock (temensis) and aggressive butterfly peacock (ocellatis) reign supreme here; however, for those world record aficionadas there are also: Intermedia, Orinocensis, Monoculus, and Piquita peacocks in this area.

Other special and abundant species that hunt these waters include:

  • Payara
  • Blue Ariwana
  • Pacu
  • Payarin
  • Red & Black Piranha
  • Agujetos
  • And everyone’s favorite, the powerful and agile Sardinata

And backing up this full deck is an entire family of catfish that are always willing to entertain:

  • Red tail
  • Tiger
  • Flat Whiskered
  • And the impressive Valenton

Your Trek

For our guests visiting from the USA, you conveniently have only a two-hour flight from Miami to touch down at el Dorado international airport in Bogotá. For those visiting from other areas of the globe, direct flights are also normally available, but please check with your local providers. Once customs are cleared, you will be met by one of our representatives and from here moving forward, we have you totally covered. After spending the night in Bogotá, you are returned to el Dorado Airport the following morning for a short domestic flight to Puerto Carreño.

Upon arrival, you will be transported to the lodge where you can take some time to settle in and prepare your fishing gear.

Ground Zero

Your lodge is centrally located in the quaint settlement of Carreño, situated right on the banks of the Orinoco river. Rooms are comfortably appointed with two single beds and all rooms have air conditioning and private bath facilities. Single rooms may be arranged upon request.

Breakfast and supper are served in the spirit of the local Llaneros tradition at the lodge. Soft Drinks and malt beverages are made available at a central help yourself refrigeration unit. Lunches, snacks, and beverages will all be pre-packed and enjoyed on the river.

Given the lodges central location, visitors can purchase local treats and flairs from small kiosks and shops that all fall within walking distance.

(highly recommended: ask for a night out under the stars on a sand bar next to the river!)

Fishing Action

Mornings are fired up with a spirited breakfast during which anglers discuss the plan of attack for the day before being transported to the waiting boats. There will be two anglers per boat with an experienced local guide at the helm, and depending on your preferences, anglers have the choice to either fish the main body of the mighty Orinoco or any of its vast tributaries and lagunas. Most anglers opt to fish both.

The sheer size and power of the Orinoco will soon become evident as the boat navigates past enormous granite boulders, where the high-water mark has often reached up to an incredible 200 feet! There are countless alluvial islands and shoals from which to target monstrous fish here.

Moving up the tributaries, anglers will find themselves surrounded by a rich diversity of fauna and flora. (Keep your eyes open for the giant pink freshwater dolphins). These environments are rife with fishing opportunities, including: clear shallow sand flats, lagunas, and river banks riddled with structures. This rich environment produces a huge variety of fish; however, the peacock reigns supreme.

(a pack of monster peacocks cornering and annihilating hapless prey will leave most people speechless)

The midday heat will drive even the most hardcore individuals to the inviting shade line of the trees for a welcomed break for lunch, a cold beverage, and a siesta. As the afternoon encroaches, anglers will continue to fish until early evening. Be prepared for the most magical of sunsets, during which your guide will return you to port. Here you will be collected and returned to the lodge for a delicious dinner and some time to revel in stories of the day’s catch.

Week’s End

Anglers will be returned to the local airport for their flight back to el Dorado Airport, Bogotá, from which you will catch your respective connecting international flights.

Other information

• Max 8 guests per week

Mid- Jan thru end of March

For rates and available dates and a further talk to with specialists please send us an email to info@farawayflyfishing.com