Salmon Fishing in Russia -Belousiha River Lodge Fresh Update

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Fishing has remain very active in the Belousiha river, condition still favorable for running fish. The first run of fish is already into Belousiha and have become slightly less active in the lower reaches but we are expecting another run of fresh fish shortly, we are seeing a second push of fish with the high tides going on at the moment . We’ll keep you posted on how the second half of the week develops.

We have once more the privilege of hosting a group from Japan and other guests from US.

Our guest Eli has already been in touch with some very fresh fish and succeed on landing a great Salmon. Keisuke and Yutaro from Japan with his great fishing skills connected with a number of good fish. They are outstanding fisherman and have been doing their job catching fish every day! Floating lines and tiny flies have been doing well for them. Keep it up boys!

Tight lines!

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