Golden Dorado Fishing in Argentina – Itati Lodge

Nicolas Trochine Argentina, Dorado

While golden dorado fishing in Argentina has a rich angling history, until recently it was almost completely unknown to the outside world.  A unique species that defies categorization, the dorado is rather like a supernatural hybrid between a turbo-charged bass and a trout on steroids, with powerful jaws and rows of razor-sharp teeth to feed its voracious appetite. Combine these …

Dorado Report from upper Parana river

Barrett Argentina, Dorado

Our good friend and consummate guide, Peto, never fails to impress. Attached are a few photos of his recent exploits on the upper Parana river near the town of Itati. This area is hands down my favorite dorado destination in Argentina, and I can’t wait to get back there and try for one of those myself!