Buenos Aires fly fishing program for Golden Dorado

AlexanderArgentina, Dorado

Just 45 min away from Buenos Aires, this little secret awaits the anglers that dream about catching the mighty Golden Dorado in a unique location. The Parana Delta is a great option if you are staying in Buenos Aires and you feel like doing other than regular tourist activities. Boost your vacation with a daily guided fishing tour without going far. …

A Primer to Fly Fishing Argentina, Part 3 – Dorado

BarrettArgentina, Dorado, Patagonia

While the golden dorado has long been admired in Argentina, until recently it was almost completely unknown to the outside world. Only within the last decade or so have dorado become recognized as one of the world’s most exciting and prized freshwater game fish. A unique species that defies categorization, the dorado is rather like a supernatural hybrid between a …

Monster Dorado from Parana River

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

Peter Ellis, owner of the venerable hard cider brands, Crispins and Foxbarrel, landed this gargantuan 14 kg dorado two days ago out of Amokagny Lodge on the Parana river in northern Argentina.  As an added bonus, Peter has also been catching Pacu and Pira Pita, and perhaps most importantly, avoiding the dreary winter climate in England right now. I for one …

Doradeada Infernal! Dorado fishing report from Parana river

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

For those in the know, October is widely considered one of best times of the year to target dorado of monstrous proportions on the upper section of the Parana river in northern Argentina. An interesting fact of Dorado biology is that only the females reach sizes of 10+ pounds. Dorado typically spawn sometime in spring, which on the Parana river corresponds to …

Pacu Session on Upper Parana River

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

Dorado is one of my favorite fishes to target, perhaps more so than any other freshwater species. It has all the hallmarks of a quality game-fish on the fly: aggressive takes, acrobatic fights, brilliant colors, and the potential to reach monstrous sizes.  Most fishermen travel to the Upper Parana for this very reason. But during the summer months there is …

Dorado Report from upper Parana river

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

Our good friend and consummate guide, Peto, never fails to impress. Attached are a few photos of his recent exploits on the upper Parana river near the town of Itati. This area is hands down my favorite dorado destination in Argentina, and I can’t wait to get back there and try for one of those myself!

Dorado from Corrientes

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

Our friend & excellent guide, Peto, recently netted this incredible dorado from the Yahape region in northern Argentina. For more information, see: Yahape. Those in the know agree that it’s the best dorado location in Argentina for the serious angler.