Doradeada Infernal! Dorado fishing report from Parana river

BarrettArgentina, Dorado

For those in the know, October is widely considered one of best times of the year to target dorado of monstrous proportions on the upper section of the Parana river in northern Argentina. An interesting fact of Dorado biology is that only the females reach sizes of 10+ pounds. Dorado typically spawn sometime in spring, which on the Parana river corresponds to the month of November. Prior to spawning, the large females become more aggressive and surface oriented (in preparation for laying millions of eggs in the surface film – they don’t spawn in the riverbed). This is why the fishing in October often produces many trophy dorados. The fishery is closed down sometime in November to protect spawning fish and ensure the conservation of healthy populations.

Here are some client pictures from this past October with a couple behemths. For more information see: Amokagny Fly Fishing