Tucunare Gigantes – Amazon base camp (hosted trip)

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Springing to life in the Tuhani mountain range and stretching over 1300 kilometers, the mighty Inírida river cuts through a remote area of the Amazon Rainforest in the Guainía region of Colombia. (This river flows through the immense pristine jungle of which has been the only proclaimed green space to receive full protective rights equal to that of a human). A countless maze of tributaries and lagoons feed the Inírida river and play host to what we believe to be the best trophy peacock bass fishery in the world. Working closely with local communities has allowed us temporary annual access to this area for a brief window of opportunity, and that’s exactly the way we like it. The fierce protection of this unique area by its indigenous tribes has allowed it to remain pristine. This undisrupted state is bolstered by only granting 4 weeks of access to the outside world each year, allowing the fish to grow to exceptional sizes. Monster peacocks are not the only adversaries that prowl these primal waters! Anglers need to be prepared to square off with:

• Morocoto
• Payara
• Bicuda
• Black piranha
• & the feared Pez lobo

Additionally, an entire range of predatory catfish stalk this river that will readily attack a well-placed fly or lure, including:
• Surubim
• Jundia
• Jau
• Redtail
• Piraiba
(we strongly believe the next world record temensis and ocellaris peacock will emerge from these waters!)


Your Trek:
For our guests visiting from the USA, you conveniently have only a two-hour flight from Miami to touch down at el Dorado international airport in Bogotá. For those visiting from other areas of the globe, direct flights are also normally available, but please check with your local providers. Once customs are cleared, you will be met by one of our representatives and from here moving forward, we have you totally covered.

After spending the night in Bogotá, you are returned to el Dorado Airport the following morning for a short domestic flight to Puerto Inírida. Next, you will be transported to the banks of the mighty Inírida river, where the real journey begins. Be prepared to enjoy a 6-hour boat ride through some of the most spectacular wilderness on the way to your base camp and world-class fishing for the next week.

Ground Zero
Your camp will be established on a riverbank deep in the Amazon jungle, conveniently stationed a few feet from the river’s edge and placing you right in the middle of fishing central. Anglers are housed individually in their own tent stocked with a comfortable air mattress. Camp illumination is provided by generator and freezer facilities are made available for use as needed. Rustic ablutions and shower facilities are also available on site. All meals and beverages are included in your stay with us at the camp.

Fishing Action
We can assure you the jungle will wake you up early enough with a chorus of life as the sun begins to rise. We’ll share a hearty breakfast before loading up and setting out to chase Inírida monsters.
There are two anglers per boat, accompanied by an experienced local guide (Spanish speaking). These incredible people will undoubtedly impress you with their knowledge of this region and their uncanny navigating skills. Generational knowledge, a product of having lived and survived as hunter gatherers for millennia here, serves the guides well as you traverse through this watery maze that is home to hundreds of miles of fishable rivers and lagoons.

Beyond just the world-class fishing available here, anglers are also immersed in the magic of the Inírida as the guides often point out the other residents of this area, including the ‘river wolf’, the giant anaconda, and perhaps even the elusive jaguar, among many others.

As the jungle heat reaches its peak, anglers will retire under the canopy of the trees to enjoy a meal. We highly recommend a siesta in a hammock. For those feeling adventurous, might we also suggest one of life’s true pleasures: a pedicure from the resident minnows in the shallows.

After our quick midday break, its back to the slinging line till late afternoon. As the shadows grow longer, the guide will navigate you back to camp to enjoy an evening meal and well-deserved beverage around the campfire.

Week’s End
Anglers will be transferred back to Puerta Inírida and usually spend an evening in a local lodge to enjoy the amenities of the modern world. In the morning, guests are collected for the flight back to el Dorado International Airport in Bogotá and transferred to their respective international flight plans.

Client Arrives in Bogota
-Transfer to hotel
-One night hotel accommodation *(breakfast included)

Day 1
-Transfer to Airport *
-Flight to the regional airport (Inirida)

-Transfer to fishing camp *
(Approx. 6 hour boat ferry)

Day 2-7
-6 days of fishing*
(2 anglers per boat and guide)

The 7th day is a fish out of the area to the main river. Then customers are ferried back to port
Overnight R&R in a local hotel

Day 8
-Transfer back to regional airport*
-Flight back to Bogota*

Camp details:

-One tent per person
– Mattress provided
-Camp has illumination and rustic temporary shower/toilet facilities
-All meals, soft drinks and beer are included
-Boat lunch, with snacks and soft drinks provided

Note: Additional charges will apply if accommodation needs to be arranged in Bogota on your return leg.
Orinoco Tucanare River Lodge (hosted trip)

• Max 8 guests per week
• Mid-Jan thru end of March

For rates and available dates and a further talk to with specialists please send us an email to info@farawayflyfishing.com