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Barrett Dorado

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Alexander Argentina, Dorado

Just an update. We’ve been in the Amazon rainforest of Bolivia a few weeks ago, scouting and checking the fishing conditions before our first season starts up in August. The Secure River is a pristine clear water stream, where the freshwater dorado lives in the Amazon basin. It’s a unique blend of this extremely powerful species and Amazon species like …

Dorados in the cold II – Upper Parana river

Alexander Argentina, Dorado

After two days fishing at La Zona, I took a 10 hour bus ride to Corrientes, and then jumped into a taxi to reach a little town further north. There, I met two good friends who are expert guides in the Parana river, Peto and Mariano. Almost immediately after the arrival they showed me a photo of a beautiful catfish that …

Dorados in the cold.

Alexander Argentina, Dorado

I was really looking forward to do this trip. My plan was to go to the lodge called La Zona in the city of Concordia to fish the last days of the season, and after that, travel north to fish the upper Parana River in Corrientes province. The weather was balmy and expert Dorado fisherman say that fishing for them …

Dorado Fishing at Pirá Lodge – Esteros del Iberá

Barrett Argentina, Dorado

Situated in the virgin Esteros del Ibera in Corrientes province,  Pira Lodge is the most recognized lodge in the world of Dorado fly fishing. Twice the size of the Everglades and the second largest marshland in the world (behind the Pantanal in Brazil), Esteros del Ibera boasts a staggering array of wildlife. Caiman and capabarra (the largest rodent in the …

Remembrance of 2008

Barrett Dorado, Sea trout

Here at Faraway Fly Fishing we’re unabashed fishing addicts who try to squeeze in as much fishing in as many different places as humanly possible. Whether it’s fishing on a boat like center console boats or getting knee-deep into the action, oftentimes this fishing wanderlust comes at the expense of strained relationships, ballooning credit card statements and even the occasional …

Huge Golden Dorado!

Barrett Argentina, Dorado

One of the most respected and knowledgeable fly fishing guides in Argentina is Guillermo Ricigliano, who graciously helped us with some of the research for Fly Fishing in Patagonia: A Trout Bum’s Guide to Argentina. He seems to have a supernatural talent for always catching the biggest fish. Be it huge brown trout in Patagonia or a trophy dorado in …