Rainforest Lodges for Payara

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New for our 2019 season, Faraway Fly Fishing introduces a unique opportunity to chase Payara at three different locations deep in the Colombian rainforest. Peacock Bass, Sardinata and Surubi prowl these same waters, but the ferocious Payara is undoubtedly the king predator of the river.

Prime dates are between January and March, when the river is low and the Payara are hunting bait. Anglers will pursue these monsters by casting streamers to know abush locations and holding water from the comfort of well-appointed river boats. Be prepared for a battle. Payara are fierce predators. They attack the fly and do not give up easily!

If you would love chasing powerful, aggressive fish in a lush rainforest, then this one-of-a-kind expedition is for you. Call soon to learn more and let Faraway Fly Fishing advise you on which location would be best for your trip. The different lodges offer different benefits and sizes and populations of Payara, but we will be sure to get you in the perfect location at the right time.

Below are links to each of the expedition locations:

Orinoco lodge is known good numbers and size of payara.

Llanos Base Lodge has fair sizes and great numbers of payara.

-Amazon Base Camp has fewer numbers but the payara average a larger size.

For rates and available dates and a further talk to with specialists please send us an email to info@farawayflyfishing.com

Do not miss this unique opportunity to visit these amazing fisheries. Call Faraway Fly Fishing soon to learn more about these premier destinations and reserve your dates.