Tsimane Lodge Fishing Trip – Upper Itirizama river, Pacu land.

AlexanderBolivia, Dorado

We just came back from a great trip to Bolivia, especial thanks to Untamed Angling and their great crew, we felt like at home and made good friends!.

Luckily we had the chance to fish every tributary of the Pluma River system, including the Itirizama,Pluma And Coruya beats. All of them very different from each other. The weather conditions were good, we didn´t have rain at all, the rivers were clear and warm.

We spent the first 3 days at the Itirizama river, the water was very clear and the fish very spooky. As far as we went up the fishing got better and better, we caught several small Dorados which was fine but not what we were looking for. On the second day over the Itirizama, we got to an area where most of the fish we caught were Pacu, there were so many that we had the chance to catch them on  Coquitos, regular flies Pacu flies and Foam Dry flies, just like trout fishing!!, It was awesome!!.