Austral Kings night

Update from Patagonia – covid-19 impact and our response

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March 28th, 2020 This week we are busy closing down our king Salmon camp in Chile as the world works together to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Across much of Patagonia, and elsewhere across the globe, many fly fishing destinations are ending their seasons early, or postponing their start, as government travel restrictions temporarily limit the mobility of non-essential …

Belousiha River Lodge – Atlantic Salmon fishing in Kola Peninsula.

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We will take you fishing the great Atlantic Salmon to the latest spot discovered in Kola Peninsula, Russia. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity? AVAILABILITY AND RATES Week 1: June 14th to June 21st – €3500 8 rods available. Week 2: June 21st to June 28th – €4000 6 rods available. Week 3: June 28th to July …

Austral Kings Camp Essence – Fly Fishing in Patagonia.

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Bringing Austral Kings video premiere and availability. Get a taste of the fabled Austral Kings camp in Chilean Patagonia. Nestled in an impressive yet tranquil river valley which rivals Yosemite in grandeur, Austral Kings is a place that self-respecting King Salmon fishermen cannot ignore. In February 2015 we made an exploratory trip to a number of rivers along the Chilean coast chasing rumors …